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Sun, 23 Dec 2018 12:52:37 +0200

Ho! Ho! Ho! Bonus exp between 24th and 27th. Begins at midnight and ends at boot. Merry Christmas!
Mon, 03 Dec 2018 15:59:05 +0200

There have been incidences recently where the game's object management has bugged. When the game enters this stage, the effect is global in nature. The source of these issues is being investigated. Meanwhile, you are recommended to be extra careful when using commands like 'drop noeq' and 'sell all' as keep lists can be subject to this bug. Have a nice day.
Wed, 21 Nov 2018 20:10:12 +0200

Through an arduous process of trial, error and refinement, the Wizard known as Merc has subjugated the rotting elements of Chaos, and doing that, elevated himself to the rank of Magus. Congratulations!
Fri, 16 Nov 2018 21:22:23 +0200

Player ships will be locked down from summoning temporarily for approximately 3-4 hours. During this time, E'siris portal fees and restrictions will be lifted. Apologies for any inconveniences. Your patience is appreciated during this maintenance period.
Sun, 26 Aug 2018 11:19:00 +0300

Say goodbye to Lycanz, Saphirra, Evilking, Phantomx and Monking... Oops, too late. Already gone. Multiplaying and robotting are both serious offenses. Instant ld after inquiries start won't (or didn't) save you. Have a nicer day than me.
Thu, 23 Aug 2018 16:38:56 +0300

We're a-conning at Jyväskylä next February, yet again. tell moerkoe info
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 22:04:54 +0300

Batclient: There was a secondary expiration period left in Batclient code (expiration within 365 days from release), which was an unfortunate oversight from our part. Our apologies for the inconvenience. All client versions have now been recompiled and re-released our the website. If your client has stopped working, please download a new version from
Thu, 24 May 2018 21:30:07 +0300

BatMUD has renewed its Privacy Policy. You can find it by typing "help privacy policy". Have a nice day.
Tue, 22 May 2018 18:39:20 +0300

BatMUD crashed today. Holler me for reimburses if you lost something of value to the crash. As a compensation and a gesture of goodwill, you will have increased exp gain for the boot of next Saturday (26.5). Have a nice day.
Fri, 20 Apr 2018 18:14:09 +0300
by Zin

BatMUD crashed due to bug in gamedriver. The reason was quickly located and patched up by dynamic duo Gore & Blitzer. Due to multiple crashes, game was restored back to noon boot.