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Posted: 26 Sep 2017 05:10 [ permalink ]
Mesardus tells you 'wnna help kill abbess in School of Lumine?'
finger mesardus
Mesardus Kynd is a level 42 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created Sat Jul 08 06:17:04 2017 and he is 34d, 17h, 25min and 20s old.
He has been on for 8h, 52min and 54s, idle 8s.
He belongs to the House of Basilisk.
He has a secondary character, Adus.
He has killed: A HUGE rooster running wildly around.., 18139 exp
the-thing-that-should-not-be, 176895 exp (party of 3)
pwho mesardus
 [    42    ] Mesardus Kynd the grey Elf < 42 >
[    51    ] Orkil the dark Drow < 42 >

You tell Mesardus 'to what end?'
Mesardus tells you 'eq mob for ribbon'
You tell Mesardus 'shrug, suppose if you can find a def. actually know what it
does/tactics for it?'
Mesardus tells you 'what guild are you?'

Posted: 29 Dec 2005 00:38 [ permalink ]
Let me preface this by stating that i had no idea this was coming and at first
thought it was and echo...
Doug tells you 'fuck off'
Doug tells you 'what the hell u talking to me for u dont know me'
You tell Doug 'fuck off. you dont know me and i didnt say shit to you so tell
you what fuck off'
Doug tells you 'im sorry i thouht u said this to me:  Kanis tells you 'you
should reinc to merchant since you cant tank!! but i relised it was just in
hellslayer's prof my bad so u can be mad if u like but an hon=est mistake'
You tell Doug 'well why dont you learn to read before you jump to conclusion
dip shit'
Doug tells you 'iwill and sorry'
Doug tells you 'been testy latly no excuse as an ass about I learned'