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Help: Abilities

Abilities ------------ Characters with enough experience can train a variety of special abilities. An ability training room can be found east of the level advancement room in the adventurers guild of Arelium. Some other large cities also have ability training rooms. Abilities often cost a lot of experience for the bonuses they give, however this experience is freed up upon reincarnation just as with normal skills. Abilities costing less than 25M experience points must be trained in 5% increments, while those costing 25M experience points or more may be trained in 1% increments. Most of the more useful abilities must be trained to 100% to function, but some may offer benefits at lesser levels. Those allowing you to personalize your character usually require you to customize them in the training room. Check the individual descriptions in a training room for more specifics on how they work. ++Blitzer, Juggelo and Presence.

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