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Help: Alchemists

Guild of Alchemy ---------------- About the guild: ---------------- The alchemists pride themselves in years of devotion to the art of alchemy the construction of power not by mere chance, but by dedication and ingenuity. The might of anyone alone is limited. But if one drinks a potion made by a wise alchemist, or wear a mystical ring that is alchemy-endowed, then that being is capable of accomplishing a party’s work. The alchemist is capable of much, much more, but that is left for you to discover. If you desire to spend your life killing creatures for experience, then perhaps this guild is not for you, for this guild has merely the simple ability to kill tiny twiddles for their body parts. It is in the magical world of alchemy in which you will discover the true source of power and experience. Where to find it: ----------------- The alchemist guild can be found near the road just east of the fair city of Lorenchia, built in eastern Lucentium. If you have arrived to Lucentium by ship, just follow the main path southbound, and you will arrive there eventually. In the humble laboratory and equipment shack of the Alchemist guild, you will find all the knowledge that you desire.

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