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Help: Alignment

Alignment system on BatMUD Alignment is chosen in character creation. Many things that you do will affect your alignment. Also priests are able to baptize other players into their alignment. Maintaining an appropriate alignment is very important for members of religious backgrounds and some races. It also influences other aspects of gameplay, such as how you interact with certain areas, spells, NPCs, and items. Your alignment will slowly change if you consistently fight good or evil monsters. There are also spells and skills that can quickly change character alignment. The gods will occasionally show special favor to those who have maintained a strong alignment. Descriptions for alignment are (from evil to good): Draen-Dalar's love child nefariously evil to the core morally bankrupt a malignant growth on the face of society a malevolent fiend a spiteful bastard an unwholesome rogue neutral good and the gods smile on you a beneficent being irreproachably kind pure at heart a blessing to the world Aveallis's gift to mankind an angel in disguise

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