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Help: Animists

The Guild of Animists --------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The guild of animists is good and somewhat religious guild. Its main theme is souls, as the name suggests. Unlike various chaos guilds, the souls gathered will join and follow out of their own free will, not by coercion. The guild has two main divisions - animal souls and soul separation. With animal souls you can conjure an animal soul mount, and with soul separation you can separate your soul into soul companion that follows you around, fighting with you. This is a second tier guild, meaning that you have to have another full guild before joining. The guilds that are admitted to join are Liberators, Templars and Monks. What you get out of the guild depends somewhat on your primary guild. Liberators get the most out of this guild, while Templars gain access to animal soul stuff and Monks to soul separation stuff. Where to find it: ----------------- The guild is located on Desolathya. From Hamlet of Windham (meaning the ferry station of Desolathya), follow the road until you get to the first crossing. Head west, past the swamp and through the forest, until you arrive at the lakeshore. Follow it westwards, maybe a bit south, and you are at the guild.

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