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Help: Archers

The Flight of Archers --------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The archers of Batmud specialize in distance attacks. While you can't shoot monsters from a few rooms away, you can shoot them from the back of the room with a friend standing between you and the monster. Once you have your sling or crossbow or bow, you have some basic shots. You could make a sling shot, or a light crossbow shot or a longbow shot. Though you also have some neat trick shots as well. If a monster is following you, you can use your crossbow to staple that monster's foot to the ground. This make's it quite hard for him to continue following you. Or if you're fighting lots of monsters at once, why not spray them with 5 arrows from your bow. Archers also have some nice utility skills, such as if you're grappled by a monster, you can just wriggle free and escape. The very skilled archers are also able to rapidly shoot their weapon of choice to get quicker carnage. Where to find it: ----------------- On Laenor, you'll want to start at Arelium's south crossing. From there you go east to the near crossing. From there you'll follow the road until it forks to the northwest and northeast. Take the northwest road and follow it until you come to the crossing where the Crimson guild is located. From there you'll want to follow the road west until you come to a crossing that leads north a few short steps to the archer's fort.

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