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Help: Archwizards

Archwizards ----------- Archwizards are the administration of BatMUD, and come in two flavors. Archwizards on level 200 have unlimited power in-game, but are not members of the BAT ry. This may be due to many reasons, and not too much can be inferred from someone being on level 200. Archwizards on level 600 are members of BAT ry, and have administrative (==IRL) duties relative to BatMUD in addition to in-game responsibilities. The high-level share of responsibilities amongst archwizards are as follows, and should be used as a guidance on the final authority in the given area of responsibility. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Game balance: Juggelo Game balance in this context means all issues related to the relative power of items, monsters, guilds, skills, spells and such. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lore: Darol The responsibility for the overall BatMUD lore, relation of different parts of the game in terms of thematics, verifying that new things added to the game are not thematically contradictory, etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Libcode: Ulath (Favorit, Gore) The libcode responsibility means overall supervisory role of changes made in game mechanics, the way certain parts of the game work overall (such as battlesystem, cities...). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Web: Gore Responsibility for the way BatMUD is presented on the World Wide Web ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Events and cons: Ulath (Amarth) Responsibility for organizing, and supporting the organization of, real life events such as cons, meetings, parties, competitions etc. -- The Administration 27/08/2011

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