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Help: Backgrounds

Backgrounds and guilds ---------------------- Useful: 'help open guilds'. First you need to pick your background. This defines what guilds you can join, what races will suit you and generally what will you be good at. There are five backgrounds. Beginning with a certain background might be easier or more difficult than with others. Nomad background is for warriors. Nomadic characters can choose to join guilds such as rangers and barbarians. In the nomad guilds you can train offensive and defensive abilities in physical combat. Magical background has four guilds: mages, psionicists, conjurers and channellers. Channellers major in manipulating mana, conjurers are masters of defensive magic, psis and mages use offensive magic. Good_religious background has five guilds. Healers (tarmalen), druids, templars, nuns and monks. Monks are martial artists and thus warriors, healers use the various healing and curing spells and druids are a blend of offensive, defensive and miscellanous magic with some healing abilities. Nuns and templars seek the evil in the world to slay it, nuns by using spells and templars with raw strength. Evil_religious offers you lords of chaos, evil priests and the cult of reavers. LoC are yet again a new branch of warriors, evil priests have some offensive magic and miscellanous stuff. Reavers focus their energy into destructive forces. There are rumours about a fourth guild, a guild of assassins, but not much is known about those. Even less is known about a fifth guild, and it might be only a legend. Civilized background includes merchants, civilized mages, alchemists, shadow sabres, bards and runemages. The background also host the guild of knights. Again people talk about thieves, but finding one will be difficult - and you would probably end up having a dagger buried in your back if you go around asking questions. The merchant and alchemist guilds concentrate on leeching money off other players and not so much in slaying monsters. Shadow Sabres are fighters with style; imagine D'Artagnan and the three musketeers. This guild might be worth trying even for a newcomer. Civilized mages are geared towards adventuring, but they are not as good at it as their pure counterpart in the magical background. Runemages represent the disciplined and study-oriented section of the magic users. And then there are the bards, often called taletellers, song weavers, troubadours or traveling minstrels. These singers of legends bring happiness and sometimes even sorrow to the realms with their songs and deeds.

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