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Help: Barbarians

Barbarian Guild --------------- About the guild: ---------------- Barbarians, or simply 'Barbs' are the most offensive tank guild there is. They are very good at dealing damage, but are less qualified in taking it than, for example, Crimsons. And while they certainly hit harder than rangers, the rather similar nomad-tank guild, they lack much in the field of camping, fire building and other wilderness-related activities. Barbarians have a wide variety of skills that help them in combat. There are many basic offensive skills (push, bash, kick) available to them as well as the terrific cleave and pound, both being very powerful attacks, cleave using axes and pound using bludgeons. Their effect can be further increased by training reaving or pulverize, respectively. Barbarians may also use the skill battlecry to begin their battles with greater fury. There are downsides to being a barbarian as well. While barbarians certainly can hit hard and deal damage, soloing is way harder for them than, for example, it is for rangers. Also, barbarians, due to their energy-consuming skills, run out of endurance fast, and need to eat and drink way more than most. Barbarians can counter these problems with skills like fishing, hunting and plant lore, which makes it easier to find food, and endurance, which lowers the endurance costs of skills. Barbarians have a reputation system. Reputation can be boosted by training barbaric and offensive skills, completing barbarian guild quests, winning competitions, writing graffiti and, simply, hacking beasts twice your size into bloody pulp and burning the remains. Barbarians with too low reputation cannot advance or train their barbaric ways, nor will they be able to use some of their barbaric skills effectively. Where to find it: ----------------- The entrance to the barbarian camp is well hidden in Digga's domain, and guarded. All who wish to join need to prove their friendly intentions by either freeing the captured barbarian, Groo, from Raven's dungeon or coming with a senior barbarian. However, the newest players who want to join don't have to complete either of these - barbarians have always understood the potential power of an eager newbie. Barbarians can train their skills with a respected trainer on every continent, but to advance in levels, they'll have to head to Rothikgen, where Oogga's camp is.

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