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Help: Bards

The Bards' Guild ----------------- About the guild: ---------------- The Bards' guild offers a variety within the civilized background. Generally acknowledged as one of the less power-hungered guilds and probably one the most difficult ones to start with - guild progress requires practice of song spells, exploring the realm and completing general game quests. Bards conjure magic through song spells and are especially favored among parties of adventurers. Basic knowledge of the game is a necessity, otherwise the career of a wandering musician can prove to be a bit harsh to start with. Creating your own instrument, writing short stories and even performing plays of your own imagination to a live audience are some of the featured guild requirements. Through hard work and some elbow grease there's an option for a colorful and profitable career combined with unique opportunity to role play in-game. Bards are a merry bunch, though bitterly learning the lore and friends with pain. Many try Bards' and some, only a few - just keep coming back or stay for good. Where to find it: ----------------- The Bards' guild can be found in the heart of Shadowkeep, the major city of the continent of Rothikgen. Magical whirling portal ride to Shadowkeep results you in Shadowkeep Center. Guild is located on the west side of the city on Honor road. The city provides a 'map' for you to find your way around. Should you arrive at the continent by ferry to the Shadowkeep Annex - just follow the faint path starting southbound until you reach a crossing and follow the road signs to reach Shadowkeep. Don't worry, all roads end in there eventually. Shadowkeep city is in the center of the continent, quite afar north from the ferry stop point of view. The guild resides in Imposing Conservatorium through a splendid arch-door west from Honor road. Vilhelm, a respected composer handles petitions to bardship and also provides you with information concerning the guild and lifestyle of bards in general. Vilhelm can be found in his office down the grand stairs to the amphitheater in the conservatorium. Career of a professional bard starts with him and he can be a tough nut to crack, so pay heed to what he has to say.

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