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Help: Battlebots

Battlebots ================================== BASICS The battlebots are located in E'siris, at the cellar. You can access it by going down at the *'s in the E'siris map, where the fountain is located. The battlebot arena is free for all and for anyone to use. The only thing you can lose is time. Your age, experience, gear or boons do not matter. The battlebots are player controlled machines operated with steam, and they clash in an arena. The goal of the fight is to get from your base to the other, depending on which side you're on. You can only move towards the other side and you cannot pass an opposite player if you end up close to each other. You need to fight it out. When you reach the other side, you automatically score a point to your side. Any side gaining the required amount of points wins. At the entrance of the bot arena sits the vendor itself, giving advice and also keeping up the team score tables. You can create or join a battlebot team, it's completely free. The perk of belonging to a battlebot team is that you get to fight ranked fights. The ranked fights are like the normal fights, with the exception that each kill and goal will score you 'tokens'. You can use these tokens at the entrance to buy buffs. When the season finishes the best players of the best team are selected and given a challenge trophy. The trophy is a miniature battlebot which keeps you company. It will enhance your best qualities even more, and will aid you occasionally. This bot is yours to keep or do whatever you wish. But when the next season ends, the trophy moves on (unless you're one of the winners again). To learn how to fight, just go to the arena, sign up and start the tutorial ('tutorial start' when you're at the cockpit). You can use the 'battlebot' channel to chat with others, and the 'lfb'-tool to setup fights/inform other teams you want to clash. RANKED FIGHTS AND SCORING A ranked fight is a fight between two registered 'teams'. You can fight a certain amount of ranked matches per day. From ranked fights, you earn points for your team, and tokens from your personal kills and goals. If the fight is unranked, no points or tokens are given. Each season lasts a preset time, and at the end of the season winners are announced and a next season will start some time after that. You can check your scores and other info with the 'team' and 'myinfo' commands at the entrance. The rules are: * Maximum players on each side is five (5), minimum is one (1) * Every participant must belong to a team and each side must consist players of the same team * You get one (1) token per goal and kill, and each goal gives your team one (1) point. * Whoever wins the fight, gets points equal to the members in the fight. i.e. if the fight is 3vs3, the winning team gets 6 points * You can fight only a preset times per day. The count is team-wide, not personal. * If the fight takes longer than 20 minutes, the team with the most score wins. If it's a draw, then no additional points are given. * The minimum score you need to win is 3, it cannot be set lower. * REMEMBER to set the mode 'ranked' when starting, otherwise no points are given Ranked fights are available when the season is on. The season is started approximately every 2-3 weeks, and it lasts from 3-5 days. OTHER Check the vendor at the arena entrance, and expecially the topics: configuration, fighting, faq, changelog and goal. Use the tutorial to gain basic knowledge how to fight, the rest is up to your tactics. Fights taken place there have already proven that choosing your bot abilities and creating a tactic with your team is paramount. SEE ALSO lfb

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