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Help: Beastmasters

The Herd of Beastmasters ------------------------ About the guild: ---------------- Beastmasters have the heart of the wild in them. They empathize with the beasts of Batworld and can calm their anger. They can also go one step further and tame them to become mounts suitable for Cavaliers and Knights to ride. There are rumors that even the most ancient of drakes can be tamed by the truly skilled beastmasters. When a beastmaster is riding a mount they can guide their mounts strikes into their enemies. They can cause a pack of tamed animals to stampede their enemies to death, or even a mount to make a feral attack against a still standing enemy. They can convince the largest of mounts to overcome their fears and go underground, or teach the mount to fear a whip more than the claws of a savage monster, the breath of a fire dragon, or the cold of a wizard. They also learn how to distract and rebuke a mount, and the skill set can also be used to distract an enemy. Where to find it: ----------------- You'll start your journey in the town of Shadowkeep. You'll follow the road until the first crossing. At that fork in the road, you'll take the north path and follow that road until the next crossing. Then follow the southwest branch to the sea. From there if you go northeast, you'll shortly run into a small cluster of mountains and the guild is there.

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