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Help: Blood bath

Blood Bath, the contest of true chaos The idea of Blood Bath is to gain points by killing other players. The person to earn most points wins. You get points according to the level of the person you killed, plus an additional bonus for killing higher level players. Killing idle players is frowned upon, thus you won't gain as many points. If you are killed by another player during the Blood Bath you don't lose anything. If a monster kills you during the contest you suffer the normal penalties. You can't be revived during Blood Bath. During the Blood Bath there will be a demon at the transport points in each of the major cities. You can ask for equipment that will help you during the Blood Bath. Type 'blood equip' to get the equipment. Blood Bath happens once every 666 hours, you can 'tell damogran boot' to find out how much longer before the next one. If you login during Blood Bath you will find yourself dead, but will be allowed a lossless pray at the conclusion of it. If you wish to avoid participating in the Blood Bath, you may leave or just avoid the Church in Arelium and hope no one kills you. ++Anipa --Dralith (update 07)

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