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Help: Boons and banes

What are Boons and Banes Boons are improvements to your character that you can buy with task points. Banes are the opposite to boons. You can trade banes for boons or enhance one of your existing boons. Boons usually have a variable efficiency and can be bought a little at a time to gain full power. The more boons you have the more expensive your boons will become. A bane can be used to reduce the cost of praying for a boon by 10 tps. You can only use one bane for a single boon this way. You can also improve the efficiency of a boon that you have by adding 10% to it (eg. a 10% boon will become a 20% boon). What banes you have available depends on your character's background. Note, however, that 100% is still the maximum any boon can obtain. Tiny Little Medium Full Efficiency 10% 25% 50% 100% Improved with bane 20% 35% 60% still 100% Base cost to pray (TPs) 10 20 40 80 Total TPs (1st boon) 10 30 70 150 In order to get the Little boon, you have to first pray for the Tiny boon, and the second pray improves it to Little, third pray to Medium and fourth pray to Full. Thus the total cost for the first full boon is 150 TPs. The prices for boons will increase as you buy more of them: after every 6 prays (eg. Full boon + Little boon, or 2* Medium boon), the base cost is multiplied, after 6 prays by 2, after 12 prays by 3, after 18 pray by 4, and so on. Here's a cost chart for the first 24 prays (6 full boons): Tiny Little Medium Full Prays: Cost (TP's) 10 20 40 80 ( 1 to 6) 20 40 80 160 ( 7 to 12) 30 60 120 240 (13 to 18) 40 80 160 320 (19 to 24) etc. If a boon or bane that you have changes while your character has it you can convert your boons and banes back to taskpoints. This is to ensure that possible changes in the gamesystem can not ruin your character. Reincarnation also converts all your boons and banes back to taskpoints. You can also clear your boons at the boon office by paying some money, the amount of which depends on the amount of boons you have. Do bear in mind though, that Improved spells and Improved skills do not get cleared, and thus they will affect the costs of praying for the new boons. All boons and banes are stackable and compatible with existing features of the game (faster heartbeat and quickchant for example). Boons and banes are stackable with each other (more to a single stat and super chracteristics for example).. ++Anipa Temporary boons: You can also pray for a temporary boon by paying 1 task point. Task points spent in this manner are permanently gone. When you pray for a temporary boon, you get the boon at FULL strength for roughly 24 to 30 hours of real life time. This means if you play 5 hours a day, your temporary boon will last for about 5 or 6 days. Idling counts towards this time so you might want to think about avoiding idle time if have a temporary boon. You cannot get a temporary boon if you have any real boons (no matter at what level). You can get a temporary boon first, then pray for real boons if you so choose. ++Duke Additional information: The boons for improved skills and spells can only be cleared via reincarnation. Also, if considering those boons, praying for them before taking your other boons is smart. Really, really, smart. ++Ulath SEE ALSO donate, tasks, booncalc

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