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Help: Builtin

Built-in commands ======================================================================= The following commands are built into the aliasing system. In order to get them to work you must have parser on and builtin on. Use the 'set' command to do this: 'set parser on' and 'set builtin on' k -> kill eq -> equipment bl -> blook brief look la -> look at lac -> look at corpse lab -> look at bag gac -> get all from corpse gab -> get all from bag gb -> get from bag ('gb torch 3' -> get torch 3 from bag) pb -> put in bag (same as gb) ga -> get all wa -> wear all ext -> extinguish turn off light source (ie. torch) sn -> sell noeq sell all not worn, wielded equipment (not kept) dn -> drop noeq drop all "" br -> brief toggle brief-verbose dislay x -> scan scan targets condition xa -> scan all scan targets condition zz -> cast stop break spell casting and skill using r -> report report your condition whos -> who level short show all players in level order wq -> who queue show queue to game + number of players gwho -> who guild cwho -> who class err -> error ra -> rip_action reply -> tell * replies to last tell t -> tell p -> party Ex: p status, p help, p kick pc -> party create pf -> party follow pff -> party forcefollow pi -> party invite pj -> party join pk -> party kills pla -> party place pld -> party leader plv -> party leave ps -> party status pss -> party status short puf -> party unfollow p' -> party say pwho -> who party attack -> kill exa -> look at examine -> look at skills -> show skills spells -> show spells take -> get unwield -> remove These are always provided even if you have builtin off: ------------------------------------------------------- l -> look i -> inventory ' -> say : -> emote > -> tell < -> reply (same as tell *, replies to the last tell sent to you) - -> party say * -> footnote The non-alphanumeric builtins can be overridden by using command-aliases. SEE ALSO set, rep, history, parser, command, alias, uncommand, unalias, rip_action, handling or just 'help' to see general help and help on possible commands.

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