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Help: Caravans

Shazam Ebel's caravan contracts. ======================================================= Shazam Ebel is a leprechaun merchant who resides in the Moose Head Inn. He can be found in the 'Village of Shrea' area, which is also known as 'Hobbit Farmhouse'. (If you are using batclient, you can search for it on your realm map! Type 'shrea' in the search box.) If you're on a different Continent, such as Laenor. You'll need to take a ferry to get to Lucentium first. Once you're there, you can find him in one of the back-rooms of the inn. Just 'talk to shazam'. The conversation will follow from here and he'll give you a list of contracts. Each contract concerns hiring a big tough hero to go protect the merchandise of the caravans at it trundles its way through the roads and forests of the realms. Wagons tend to be bigger targets, as they carry more stuff! so to start out with, you probably want to try escort some caravans instead. (Look at the description of the contract to see which type it is) After you accept a contract he will give you a journal if you don't already have one which will hold some details for you to remember. You can use the journal like a book, but there are some special commands that can be used with it to get immeadiately relevant info. (look at the journal to learn more). The contract details in your journal will give you the rendevous point where you will meet the coachman. The coachman is always inside the caravan. So when you arrive at the start point he'll drive out to you. Look at the caravan to see how boarding/embarking etc works. You can also bring other people along in a party but remember to have them also board the caravan or they'll just jog alongside, exhausting themselves. Once you embark, the coachman will set off for the city where he must deliver the cargo. The realms can be dangerous places, however, and you will undoubtedly encounter some bandits! Since you are not known to them, they think that it should be an easy job to raid the caravan, but as your reputation grows only the stronger ones who think they have a chance will decide to attack. The task of the bandits is to eliminate the mobility of the caravan, forcing it into submission. They will attack the horses and gradually begin to wear down their hit points. Your job is to dispatch the bandits as quick as possible, and perhaps if you think the horses are too hurt after the battle, you can heal them presuming you have such capabilities. You must then embark again, and hope you don't meet with any further encounters. If you succeed, the association of road merchants will award you meeting with your percieved status with them. You will also get a token. When you've collected a number of tokens you can talk to Shazam Ebel again and ask him about 'goods' to get a list of items the association has provided as compensation to trustworthy adventurers. Good luck and have fun! ++Ens See also: help ferry help continents

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