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Help: Channellers

The Channellers --------------- About the guild: ---------------- Channellers are spell casters that focus on the flow of magic and the raw power involved. Channellers can affect how the raw power flows through themselves by increasing the overall amount of magic available, but sacrificing how fast they recover from casting spells. They are the undisputed masters of making sure that spell points are spread among the party members as needed. Channellers are also the only guild the construct golems. While the golems will not protect the channeller directly, they can accomplish other tasks allowing the channeller to concentrate elsewhere. Where to find it: ----------------- At the south crossing of Arelium follow the road east/southeast along the ocean. Continue on the road east/northeast past the 3rd bridge. After crossing the 3rd bridge cut through the forest to a trail to the southeast Follow the trail until it splits due north. Once the trail runs into the mountain range follow the mountains ridge west.

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