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Help: Cheating

Cheating: ================ Cheating is against the rules and any characters caught cheating will be deleted by the administration. You will be awarded for catching people that cheat. This awardment will be done quietly, so that you are in no danger of revenge. Partying with characters that cheat or sharing pcity rooms with cheaters is also considered highly suspicious. What is cheating is defined by an archwizard or higher. For example: Taking advantage of a monster that stops fighting back. Items/abilities that cause damage/start fights in no-combat rooms. Monsters that lose (part) their battle abilities. Monsters that erroneously heal players. Using an infinite or free money/eq/exp source. Crashing the game (should not be possible). Roboting (making triggers that do you exp/money etc. while you are not present) Using "meta-game" features to force other players to do actions, such as abusing their _legal_ triggers. Playing multiple characters (unregistered secondaries) If you happen to live in a castle that is owned by a cheater and the cheaters castle is deleted you will end up losing your stuff. Or If you happen to live in a castle with a cheater and the cheater is deleted you will end up losing your stuff. Report bugs to archs or wizards AND user bug report by bug-command. ++Anipa See also: help multiple characters, help robot, help bug, help tasks

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