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Help: Civ fighter

The Civilized Fighters ---------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The guild of civilized fighters is one of the civilized counterparts of the nomadic guilds. Whereas nomads, especially member of the Crimson Brigade, are deeply dedicated to master the fighting skills, civfighters settle for less. They are able to fight decently without life-long practise and devotion, and as such, this guild makes a feasible choice for less-experienced adventurers. In addition to the traditional fighting techniques, civfighters are taught the dirty yet useful battle tricks learned from the streets. Civfighters are able to master the handling of short and long blades as well as polearms Where to find it: ----------------- The guildroom of the civilized fighters can be found in the city of Arelium, in the content of Laenor. As the guildmaster enjoys watching combating adventurers, the guild is located in the same building as the arena, somewhat east from the adventurer's guild.

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