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Help: Civ mages

Fellowship of Wizardry ---------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The Fellowship of Wizardry (also known as civilized mages or civmages for short) offers a civilized alternative for those who want to harness the elemental powers to conjure offensive spells. Unlike their collegues of magical background (members of the Brotherhood of Wizardry, mages), civilized mages do not devote so passionately to the noble art of studying the magic. As such, they are able to rapidly learn quite violent elemental blasts, but they can never master the most powerful forms of elemental magic. Fully educated civmages are able to learn all seven types of elemental magic, whereas members of Brotherhood of Wizardry need to advance more levels for each element. Unlike mages, members of the Fellowship focus only on the offensive aspects of the elemental magic in their studies. While the magical powers of the civmages can never match those of the Brotherhood, this guild provides a viable option for the less-experienced adventurers or it can serve as a secondary guild for the numerous possibilities that civilized background provides. Where to find it: ----------------- The guild room of the Fellowship is easy to find, as it is located in the city of Arelium, in the content of Laenor. Wander into the southeast corner of the city and the map of the city will guide you to the guild. The shortest way is to enter Arelium from the east gate and turn south.

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