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Help: Combat

*************************************************************************** BatMUD Player's manual NAME Combat - The basics of battle in BatMud DESCRIPTION Combat in BatMUD is divided into battle rounds that last (roughly) 3 seconds ("one heartbeat") each. When you are fighting you will automatically try to attack with all weapons you are wielding. And your opponent(s) will naturally hit back. FIGHTING To start combat you 'kill' somebody, or start with an offensive skill or spell. Some monsters are always aggressive, and will attack anyone entering the same room. Any monsters you have attacked will remember you and stay aggressive until they die, or until reboot. You will stay in combat until all aggressive monsters (or you) are dead, or one of you leaves the room. Keep checking your health, and flee if necessary. In fact, using hit-and-run tactics is common against tougher monsters. You can enter the room, start a skill or a spell, wait for it to finish, and then flee to regen some health. Beware though, sometimes monsters follow you. Many skills passively affect your proficiency in combat, both offensively and defensively. Also, some skills/spells you can 'use' during combat to improve your combat performance. You can also form a 'party' to gang up, with a party you can kill much bigger opponents, or same opponents much more effectively. SEE ALSO kill, battle, parry, hit messages weapons, armour, skills, spells scan, sc, healing, party

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