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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AGREEMENT 1. Parties Balanced Alternative Techniques Ry (hereinafter referred to as "Bat Ry" and "Administration"), a Finnish non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the development of electronic multi-user environments (hereafter referred to as "MUDs", or "the MUD") on the Internet, and _______________________________ __________, an individual (hereinafter referred to as "Developer") to whom the Administration has granted or will grant the right to further develop and enhance one or more MUDs and who volunteers to develop and administrate the MUDs that Bat Ry operates. 2. Background Bat Ry operates MUDs as a non-profit organization aiming to provide a continuous and quality virtual environment experience to the Internet community. Due to non-profit nature of Bat Ry's operation, all development work and day-to-day administration work on these MUDs is performed by volunteers such as the Developer without any promise or implication of monetary or other compensation. To guarantee the continued operation of these MUDs, Bat Ry must protect the essential parts of the MUDs which constitute functionally critical or otherwise essential and inseparable elements of the whole multi-user environment through means of intellectual property rights. At the same time, the individual Developer's rights to his/her non-essential contributions to the MUD must be protected and the associated intellectual property rights be attributed to him/her. This agreement sets forth this common understanding of the Parties (Bat Ry and Developer) regarding their rights and obligations and the assignment of Intellectual Property Rights relating to MUDs (hereinafter referred to as "IPR"). 3. Definitions The material related to Bat Ry's MUDs can be divided into four classes: 3.1. The Core Driver The Core Driver, also known as the Game Driver, provides the basic building blocks and operational environment required to operate a multi-user environment. It handles network connections, connections to databases and executes the MUDlib and the World Code. Information contained in the Core Drive is essential to the use of MUDs. 3.2. The MUDlib The MUDlib is a set of source code, which is interpreted by the Core Driver. It provides building blocks for the World code, and includes, but is not limited to the following systems: a) Communication systems b) Object handling systems c) Combat systems d) Guilds, skills and spells Essentially, the MUDlib contains all parts of the MUD except for the locations (also known as "areas") of the virtual worlds and their inhabitants. As an exception, some locations (including but not limited to BatCity and Shadowkeep) become a part of the MUDlib through their close association with the core MUD functionality such as providing the location for essential places players must visit (such as guilds). 3.3. The World code Developers can contribute to the MUD by building locations in the virtual world and inhabiting them with simulated entities (virtual non-player characters and items). Scenic locations and world inhabitants, which are relevant to the operation of the MUDlib, are considered to be part of the MUDlib, not as part of the World code. 3.4. Derivative works Derivative works refer to all material which are not essential for the operation of the MUD, but which support the user base, community and brand, which is built around Bat Ry's environments. Such works can include web pages, written articles, drawings and so forth and need not be the work of a MUD Developer. 4. Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights 4.1. General Assignment Principles Developer assigns his/hers IPR relating to MUDs to Bat Ry according to this Article. All assignments of IPR to Bat Ry are irrevocable and perpetual in nature. 4.2. The Core Driver IPR relating to the Core Driver is in its entirety the property of Bat Ry. If the Core Driver consists of data belonging to third parties, IPR of such data is the property of that particular third party. Should Developer have customized the Core Driver, he/she transfers all his/her IPR to such source code to Bat Ry. Furthermore, Developer understands that such source code is the property of Bat Ry in its entirety, and once incorporated into the Core Driver, Developer forfeits all claims to the said code. 4.3. The MUDlib The MUDlib is the property of Bat Ry. IPR relating to all contributions to the MUDlib by the Developers will automatically become the property of Bat Ry. The Developer forfeits all claims to the source code when it is incorporated into the MUDlib. Any use of the MUDlib, in part or in full, outside the MUD is forbidden without the prior written permission of Bat Ry. 4.4. The World Code The World Code is the property of Developer. Developer grants Bat Ry an unlimited right to use to the World Code, and agrees not to remove, destroy, publish or sell the code without providing 2 months notice to Bat Ry. Bat Ry retains the right to refuse the World Code submissions, or to remove them from the MUD at its sole discretion. Should Developer withdraw from active development and code maintenance for at least 6 months, without providing Bat Ry with notice or instructions for his/her World Code, forfeits the rights to the said code to Bat Ry. Bat Ry is then entitled to request further development of the code by other Developers while the rights to both the original and the modified code remains solely with Bat Ry. The Administration is entitled to delegate and implement emergency fixes to the World Code, either in person or by authorizing another Developer. Such a correction does not alter the rights of the original Developer in any way. In the event that Bat Ry decides to formally cease operation of its MUDs, the Developer is entitled to request a copy of his/her World Code and to transfer, sell or publish it as he/she sees fit, providing the Developer has not forfeited his/her rights to the code as stated above. 4.5. Derivative Works Derivative works contributed to Bat Ry's official website ( automatically become the property of Bat Ry unless otherwise separately agreed with the Administration. 5. Distinguishing marks Unless otherwise separately agreed, Bat Ry retains all rights to the distinguishing marks "BatMUD", "BatMUD Classic" and "HC Bat" and any future mark or name which shall be used in connection to MUDs. However, Bat Ry grants a non-exclusive non-transferable right of use to these names for non-commercial purposes, provided that appropriate credit it given in said works, the names are used in good faith and the use does not lessen Bat Ry's ownership of the said marks. 6. Compensation The Developer warrants that he/she understands and agrees that Bat Ry is a non-profit organization which will not compensate him/her for any work performed or IPR assigned to Bat Ry beyond the general goodwill and personal satisfaction associated with Developer status and the volunteer work involved. Further, the Developer will not initiate proceedings (legal or otherwise) to contest this compensation or assignment of IPR. In special cases Bat Ry reserves the right to reward one or more Developers for extraordinary or long-term contributions and/or achievements at its sole discretion. 7. Confidentiality The Developer will gain access to Bat Ry IPR and confidential information during volunteer activities and agrees to keep any such information confidential for the duration of this agreement and for 10 years after its termination. 8. Amendments and Modifications Bat Ry may decide to amend or modify this agreement from time to time by informing the Developer of such changes. If the Developer does not agree to the changes, he/she may decline to accept them by resigning from Developer status. Bat Ry has the right to reject or revoke Developer his/her status as a developer at any time without cause at its sole discretion. 9. Force Majeure Bat Ry makes no warranties for the continuity or availability of its services, nor does this agreement imply that any works developed in accordance with it will be published on the MUD. If through war, floods, sabotage or other force majeure, the operating environment of the MUD becomes unusable, or if the content is lost, Bat Ry is in no way responsible to refund or compensate for any work performed by Developers. 10. Term and Survivability This agreement will remain valid until terminated by either party by giving 2 months notice in writing. However Bat Ry reserves the right to remove the Developer's access to the MUD without notice and at its sole discretion. All assignments of IPR and confidentiality clauses will survive the termination of this agreement. 11. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution This agreement has been drafted in mutual understanding between the parties and is governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes between the parties are to be settled primarily through negotiations in good faith. If such negotiations fail to produce mutually satisfactory results, disputes shall be settled in the District Court of Helsinki. In case of termination Bat Ry may resign Developer's status as a developer. 12. Signatures This agreement has been executed in two (2) copies, one original for each party. Developer Bat Ry ____________________________ ___________________________ Name: Name: Country of Citizenship: Position: Chairman of the Board Address: Email address:

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