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Help: Copyrights

COPYRIGHTS of code made in BatMUD after 1.9.1991 1. Gods' and archwizards' rights All code made in the game can be READ and ALTERED by game maintainers (gods) and a group of trusted archwizards. Gods and archs also have the right to REMOVE and COPY files and directories if needed. Gods and arches DON'T have the right to publicize or spread around other people's code without asking for permission. 2. Wizards' rights A wizard has NO right to read or write other wizards' directories, or remove or copy any files that are not his own. A wizard has the right to copy and read game-files (/obj,/room,/doc), but not publicize or spread around. In case the whole mud crashes, wizards have the right to ask their areas by mail/ftp for a given time. A wizard has the right to remove all his files, and ask for all possible backups of these to be removed too. 3. LOSING rights After a wizard has not logged into the game for 6 months, his/her castle can be given away to a new starting wizard who wants to have a ground on which to work. The original creator loses ALL rights to his/her code after this period of time. //Jaf Addition, applicable to any work made after 30.6.93 4. Loosing rights to code which is given to core mudlib If a wizard gives something (including but not limited to bug fixes, new documents, fixed old documents and new code) to be used in core mudlib, it will become part of the core mudlib. At this point the game maintainers have all rights to that work and do to it anything they think is the best for the whole game. These rights include, but are not limited to, distributing, using, modifying and removing above mentioned work. This rule isn't applicable to any creative work kept in wizard's private directory (currently /players//), only to those files kept in public directories. //Argon Addition, Applicable to ALL Mudlib code, that is coded by B.A.T board of directors 8.7 1994 5. Using B.A.T material outside B.A.T BAT ry reserves the rights to use core Mudlib code. Any use of material contained core mudlib directories (like /obj/ /lib/ etc) unless otherwise stated is forbidden without formal permission from BAT, OR the individual coder of the code in question. This code does NOT include code in wizard's private directory (currently /players//), which can be used with permission of the coder in question. //Zonni

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