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Help: Crimson

The Crimson Brigade ------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The Crimson Brigade is the guild of the professional soldier. With a focus on disciplined training, a member of the Crimson Brigade has the opportunity to be well versed in long blades, short blades, or pole arms. The most notable achievements of a member of the Crimson Brigade, is in the level in which they can learn key defensive tactics. These highly refined skills are part of what make Crimsons so well suited for being members of and leaders of parties against mighty foes. Where to find it: ----------------- The guild room is within a mighty keep on the central continent of Laenor. One will find the keep on the opposite side of the great gulf that the city of Arelium lies on. It is located just off on the road that wraps around this giant body of water. The keep is hard to miss with the deep moat that surrounds it to help defend it from raiders.

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