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Help: Disciples

The Disciples of Chaos ---------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The disciples of chaos, some of the most ferocious and evil people around. They are fighters, and they are good at it. They allow themselves to become the spawn of chaos, with tentacles emerging from all parts of their body. They become a truly terryfying mass that can scare even the most well trained and hardy of warriors. Some of the fiercest fighters in the land are these spawns of chaos, and with the ability to specialize in something truly evil, whether it be the followers of the scorpion, the slaves of the beastmaster, the legions of the blood god or bearers of the true rot. Chaos is powerful, very powerful and the lure of this power is strong to a lot of people. Being rewarded for such dedication does not come quickly however, to truly become one of the horrific beastly spawns of chaos that are told in legend will take time. Where to find it: ----------------- Where else would you be able to join the legions of chaos other than the infamous continent of furnachia. Follow the road east and southeast from rilynttar and you will come to a mass of broken ruins, here is the temple of chaos, here is where you can join and train in the ways of the disciples of chaos, and here is where you can align yourself to one of the several chaos gods. Whether you choose to or not, is your own decision.

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