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Help: Donate-text

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Balanced Alternative Techniques Ry ( is a non- commercial organization based in Finland, it provides and upkeeps a free service known as BatMUD, a computerized, so called, role-playing game. We accept donations which will be used in developing the game, or acquiring computer equipment etc. depending on how the management of the organization decides. Donators are given, without guarantee, advantages in the game within the judgement of the game administration. If by donating, you help us in developing the game, we thank you. However we do not promise you, as a donator, anything. The game is developed entirely according to the judgement of the administration and your possible donation does not entitle you to anything. Yet the administration will be happy to gift you with inter-game benefits, according to its consideration. BatMUD functions for now. The administration and developers of the game work for free on Internet accounts that are active for now, thus if situations change, we may be forced to end the game. Under no circumstance, are donations refunded. The organization does not accept donations for which something is expected in return. Do not donate your funds to us if you believe that you will be given something in return for your donation. Only if you understand and accept that your donation is permanent, and that you are not entitled to anything apart from inter-game benefits within judgement of the administration, will we accept your donation. It is part of the game, that any player may be removed from the game, if the administration sees fit to remove a player. This affects you whether or not you have made a donation. However we do act without bias. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

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