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Help: Druids

The Humble Druids ----------------- About the guild: ---------------- Druids have modest healing powers but outside battle it can still be useful. They can get rid of poison fast but it uses a lot of mental powers. Gem fire can be used on short runs and wither flesh on the long ones. Flex shield is many times valued as well as some of the other prots and boosts. Rain can in the right place save the whole party from destruction and sometimes monsters can be dealt with more easily if mud is created to make them stay put. Transferring energy or mana to party members while getting more from the druid pool can help to make the difference. Searching for herbs is typical for a druid and sometimes they are called upon to launch a player toward a new life with reincarnation. Where to find it: ----------------- Start your Journey eastward from south crossing near Arelium in Laenor and continue south as the road makes it's way along the seashore. You will see cities on both sides of the road. After a while the road starts to bend more towards the north and you will pass yet another city just before entering a great forest. While in the forest you should look for a southbound trail and leave behind the road that has been your companion thus far. The trail will shortly take you to an area by Malitrius and from here you must head south through the possibly dangerous forest. If you won't get lost you shall come by a river, follow it south to a lake and there is your destination - the Druid's Keep - located on the western shore.

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