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DURAND AND PIGLET CONQUER THE GREAT NORTHERN PEAK A story how two friends, Durand and Piglet, decided to conquer the great northern peak and how Piglet meets an accidental death during the voyage. Everything was rather quiet in the hundred acre wood. The trees whispered to each other as the wind rustled their leaves. The day was sunny and warm and was the most perfect day to make heroic deeds that would be remembered later on. And maybe even worth a small song, thought Durand. Piglet had wondered why Durand had not called for him that morning, to have his tea and biscuits, and so he decided to visit Durand instead. He admired the morning sun and listened to the birds singing. When Piglet finally arrived at Durand's house, there came a steady bang... bang...bang! Durand was nailing a note to his door, saying "OWT CONUERING THE NURTHPEAK" (spelling had never been one of the Durand's strong points). Durand asked Piglet to join him to the adventure he would later on make a song or maybe two. To conquer the great northern peak. Piglet gladly accepted and raced home to get something to eat for the trip. The two friends started their voyage by heading towards the rock mountains shimmering darkblue in the distance. They playfully raced around pines and small flowers. Durand was now and then scratching Piglet's ears, and hummed a small song he invented just moments ago "bouncy bouncy, fun fun fun, the wonderful..." (and there he started it again, as the adventure was just about to begin). They passed Osir's castle (wise duck living in a tree south of the hundred acre wood) and Piglet noticed a small letter nailed to the door. "IAM NUT HOME" said Piglet scratching his forehead, wondering if that made him look like wiser or if it was a Bad Idea and if he really read the Wise Text correctly. Durand nodded, and also secretly wanted Piglet to see that he also could read. "Osir is propably at Layla's house" boggled Durand and suddenly kicked poor Piglet on his bottom for not realizing such a fact and for reading the sign before he could. "This will serve that manic depressive donkey right" laughed Durand aloud, "always cheating at Durand-sticks, cheats never prosper", Durand said to himself. As Piglet is a Small Animal he fell down on his face on the rocks and hurt his arm pretty badly. "Ouch!" yelled Durand and offered his hand to pull Piglet up. The two friends continued walking calmly towards the mountains. At the time of midday Durand felt a familiar feeling on the bottom of his belly. He had taken two-and-half, or at least two, cans of jam made by Layla with him, but alas had they already disappeared into his stomach during the early morning hours. And now he felt like he could eat some more of that Specially Delicious jam. Piglet unwrapped a small package of egg-anchovies sandwiches he made just this morning for this special event and sat on a small stub smiling happily. "Look!" yelled Durand pointing at the top of a green pine growing just nearby. Piglet yelped and looked hastily into the pine Durand pointed, fearing that Heffalumps might attack. Then he remembered that heffalumps can't fly and calmed down a bit but was still wondering that what if there really were flying heffalumps. At the same time mean Durand stole Piglet's sandwich and hid it behind his back. "Durand..." asked Piglet while wondering his empty hand (before that he made sure that there were no heffalumps behind the tree and that the sandwich didn't drop to the ground or any place possible where heffalumps would find it easily) "Where is my sandwich?". Mouth full of anchovies Durand told Piglet that a gust of wind had taken the sandwich and carried it to the mountains. "Hmmm... hmmm..." hummed Piglet and watched the distant mountains and was almost sure he saw his sandwich wrapping somewhere there. Durand hummed a tuneless song, resting on his back, while the sun warmed his yellow hide comfortably. "Puuh" gasped Durand with full stomach. "Puuh" he said again. After resting a short (yet delightful) moment while Piglet was searching for cones (even as he was a Small Animal he also needed to eat) Durand decided to continue the conquer adventure. Piglet hadn't finished his meal yet (two fir cones and one pine cone and little bit of fresh spring water) when Durand kicked Piglet's bottom causing the little animal to fall over again on his sore arm. Then Durand took a Very Mean Expression on his face and started heading towards the mountains again. Piglet followed after him, fearing punishment. Strain was quite big while the two fellows were climbing upwards. They passed many flowers and even a small bridge, but they didn't remember to stop and admire the sights. They had little pauses and wondered if mountain trolls had any pauses or if the mountain peaks had any pauses. Durand was sure mountain peaks had many pauses and so they could also have pauses (after that he had one immediately) and Piglet nodded knowingly (still remembering his sore arm). A tiny little ladybug flew around, first sat on a small stone, then continued to Piglet's shoulder. "Look!" shouted Piglet with a broad smile on his little face. The ladybug rested on his shoulder and stretched all the 6 legs. Piglet was almost bouncing but then remembered that Tiger once warned him about the dangers of bouncing. He decided to stay calm. WHACK! SMACK! was heard and Piglet was thrown into a nearby bushes by the force of the hits. WHACK! Durand struck again. And again. He struck few times and started to smile and asked Piglet if he was ok. Piglet said he hasn't felt better today while rubbing dry blood fro his forehead. Durand was happy as HE beat the Big Insect and thus saved Piglet from who might know what serious illnesses and diseases. This sure was worth a little song and he started to hum something as the darkness was slowly crawling to the air, coloring the evening sky blood red. Night came as the two friends sat down, enjoying the cooling evening breeze. "Have you ever wondered what is up there?" Durand asked, pointing at the dark blue sky with his right hand. The night was dark and clear and stars shone luminent in the sky. "Stars", sighed Piglet, "They make me feel so very very small. It is not that I wouldn't be a Very Small Animal in any case, but looking upwards and seeing all the bright little points is not a Very Pleasing Sight." "Yes," said Durand thoughtfully. "I understand" and pushed Piglet off the cliff while smiling and thinking of the adventures he would have next day.

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