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Help: Dying

DEATH (is fun especially when someone else dies...) When you die, Death carries you to Hell (or Heaven, if you're good). In BatMUD dying is just temporary, and it's a part of everyday gaming. It's important to have a high charisma score when dying, otherwise you risk all kinds of negative effects when getting back alive. Ghosts can be heard in 'ghost' or 'party' channel. Getting alive You can try to 'pray' to get out of hell. When you pray, you are moved to church. This is the fastest way out, but also the most risky: the probability of negative effects is high. You also lose all your carried experience. You can accept one of three resurrection spells (raise dead, resurrect, new body) from other players (or NPC Athalon if you're a newbie). The syntax for accepting is 'accept [type] from caster', or just 'accept' to see all the choises. With raise dead you get to keep roughly a quarter of your experience points, and it's the cheapest and safest of the resurrection spells. Resurrect lets you keep about half, but you need higher charisma to be safe. With new body you only lose a quarter of the carried exp, but this comes with a price: you get a brand new body that takes several hours to be fully functional. Final option is reincarnation (or reanimate), where you recreate the character from scratch. See 'help reincarnation' for more info. Newbies There is a NPC named Athalon, who will ress newbies for free. Example: accepts ress from athalon Death effects After death all your stats will be lowered temporarily. This effect is stackable, so if you die several times in a row, your stats will be reduced more. Also, the more you die during a boot, the longer the death effects will last. Note: Flooding 'ghost'-channel with 20x 'RESS ME!!!' is considered VERY stupid and will most likely cause more deaths or 'ignore ':s instead of ress offers.

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