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Help: Eqdamage

EQ DAMAGE ========= Over time, your equipment will become damaged, either through use or by receiving blows / hostile spells from your foes. This helpfile strives to explain a little about the damage, and ways to prevent it. Items get damaged in two ways: normal damage which can be repaired, and permanent damage which can't be repaired. The normal damage is shown in items condition when looking at it, and permanent damage can be seen eg. with identify spell. Standard damage, permanent damage, wear&tear damage =================================================== Every time you get damaged, there is a chance that items you wear or wield also get damaged. This is standard damage which lowers the item's shape that can check by 'eq check'. A skillful merchant can repair this damage. If you are a not a creator of damaged item, it can also get permanent damage. This is considered a serious structural damage. The item can't be repaired to better than the maximum condition defined by permanent damage. Items created by you do not take permanent damage in normal situations (see 'Creators of an item' below). In addition, armours and weapons that are not created by you slowly decay and tear over time meaning that they slowly get damaged, even in your inventory. This is called wear&tear damage. Items that you have created do not decay or take permanent damage. They also take less standard damage. On the contrary, weapons and armours not made by you will eventually be completely broken. Minimazing the damage ===================== When an items is about to take damage, several factors affect the damage o Is the item possessed by one of its creators? o Is the item protected by magical spells that lessen the damage? o Does the person who wears or wields the item have the skill "combat sense"? o Is the item made from sturdy material(s) o How high is the quality of the item Creator(s) of an item --------------------- Most equipment have one or more creators (before a monster is killed, the monster itself). This is basically a list of people that caused the item to arrive into the game, whether by killing the monster that had the item, by completing a quest that granted the item or by crafting the item. Being one of the creators or not affects largely how much your equipment take damage. Also, items created by you often give more stats than similar item without your name. Protting your equipment ----------------------- Various enchantments can protect your valuable items from substantial damage. The exact amount of protection offered by the spells, depend on their caster, as does the duration of the protection. None of these protections is perfect, and strong attacks can bypass this protection or even cause the protection to drop. Combat sense ------------ Some guilds and professions include vigorous study in the usage of various armours and weaponry, and through the perfection of this art, the wearer or wielder of a particular piece of eq may sometimes be able to shift his position to such a degree that a potentially devastating blow hits a better protected spot on the armour or item. Therefore, soldiers knowledgable in the art of combat sense, often find less need for item repairs. Item material and quality ------------------------- These are defined when the item is created, a well crafted diamond breastplate much less likely to break than a cheap paperhat. Why is this system so complex? ============================== BatMUD is an old game, and some of our players have spent a considerable amount of time here, ending up with very high power characters. These high power characters are capable of killing even the strongest of monsters, which has eventually led to very powerful items finding their way into the hands of less skilled players. This is not a direct problem, however the quantity of such items has increased alarmingly, to a point where very few lower level players have any items they have produced themselves, yet a big part of the fun of BatMUD is producing and maintaining an eq set. It is still possible to buy powerful eq from highbies, and it's ok to do so, however such items do take more damage and receive permanent damage, than items made by yourself. This is meant to encourage players to try to take on the challenge of killing eq monsters and completing quests, and not just relying on seasoned players, thereby missing out on a lot of fun. NOTE: Having your name in item's creation list does not prevent you from losing it by some evil special deeds made by monsters or other players. ++ Gore, Juggelo ++ Modified by Era, Bmoa SEE ALSO: eq claiming, armour, weapons

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