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Help: Esiris

E'siris the Ethereal City ========================= E'siris is a city not of this world, located somewhere in the void between here and there. The city itself is a bustling hive of activity, with many diverse shops and taverns. Getting to E'siris is half of the adventure as it has no regular entrances or exits. Accessing E'siris ----------------- Each continental city has a portal that can be used to access E'siris, to use one of the portals type 'portal esiris'. If you are brought back to life by someone who is in E'siris, you will appear there instead of going back to the continent you died on. It has been rumored that E'siris can be traveled to by performing a series of strenuous physical movements. The drunks in Arelium have frequently claimed that they have seen an old goblin dissipate before their eyes. Exiting E'siris --------------- Once you are in E'siris, you may only exit freely to the continent from which you arrived - via the portals, or by means of being resurrected to E'siris. Alternatively it is possible to wait for a certain period of time, or pay a fee in gold (also works from bank) to expedite the process. There have been various rumors floating around, telling of ancient quests to allow one to access all the continental archways with added amount of freedom. To exit E'siris you must use one of the portals located at the center of and at the cardinal (N,S,E,and W) far points of the city. The city may also be exited by using Wanderer spells. To use the archways 'enter portal' or 'enter archway'. Note: When you use the portals to exit E'siris there is a cool-down period of 5 minutes before you can re-enter the city. SEE ALSO: ferry, continents, portals

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