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Help: Explorers

The Band of Explorers --------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The famed Band of Explorers. This band is full of people from many walks of life, different backgrounds and races. But they all have one thing in common, they like to explore! All explorers can be recognized by one thing only, their standard issue field shovel. The basic skills and spells that any explorer needs to survive you can learn here through the teachings of Bruce the guild master, and the many books he has acquired over the years. Whether it be how to fish yourself some food, find a safe place to camp, or something as simple as making an effective torch to be able to see in the darkness, the band of explorers can do it all. Bruce needs young eager adventurers to go and join him in exploring the new realm, so join up and get yourself up to date on the latest exploring and survival techniques around. Where to find it: ----------------- If your origin is not Laenor you will want to take a ferry ride there. A few southeast of the stone bridge just south of the famous port of Laenor, Daerwon there is a shack. Though this shack is rather small, it is the guild house of the famed band of explorers. There are books to read and junk to examine in awe, gathered by the legendary guild master, Bruce. Bruce, however, doesn't spend time in his shack in his old age, more enjoying fishing on the coast just a bit southwest of the guild house. He can be found there to ask about joining at almost any time, in his usual attire of all-khaki clothing.

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