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Help: Extortion

Extortion is illegal on BatMUD. You may not give an ultimatum to a player which basically states unless they give you x you will kill them over and over, or destroy all of their eq, or lock them out of the game ... unless you have a justifiable reason. Examples of this would be a high level character telling newbies that unless they pay him 50k gold a week, they will get pkilled many many times a day. Another example is threatening to destroy all of someone's eq, if they participate in an event, quest, area, or standard BatMUD activity. It is not considered extortion for example if someone steals your sword to kill them over and over unless they give it back. Archwizards have the final word on whether or not something is extortion. Punishment up to and including removal depending on the seriousness of the offense and the mood of the arch.

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