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Help: Faq

Frequently Asked Questions.... ------------------------------------------------------------------ Where do I start? - help getting started How do I join guild x? - help getting started Can I talk to a wiz? - help who to ask What are all these weird abbreviations I'm seeing on BatMUD? - help nickname How do I use skill x - help skills, help skill x How do I use spell x - help spells, help spell x Where can I get good exp? - help getting started How do I get good/evil? - help alignment How do I accept quests? - You do not need to. Just see the quest information in quest room and try to solve it. Can I get reimbursed? - Usually not. There would be too many to reimburse. More info: help reimburse Can anybody tell me what is a good race? - Use your best judgement. Large, strong, stupid races don't make good spell casters is a pretty good rule. When is reboot? - 'look at poster' in church or 'tell damogran boot' How come it says I'm famished? - You haven't eaten for a loooooooong time. How come it says I'm dehydrating rapidly? - See above. This time you need to drink. Why so much lag? - help uptime will show you some basic stats. Usually however lag is caused by bad links between your host and batmud. Where can I sell armor at? - use the map command in any major city or player cities to find an armourer. What is the history of BatMud? - help history Who is narcuul? - Famous big monster that is not in the game anymore. Who is burgle? - Famous big monster that is very hard to kill. How do I bury a corpse? (and why) - Get some item to dig graves... What do those <> and {} around a name mean? - Wizards have <> and race leaders {}, reborn players (), normal players have []. What is a TP? - Taskpoint. 'help nickname' for other abbreviations. How do I see my skills/spells?? - show skills or show spells ... See also: 'help show' How do I use this item? - Look at that item Can you reinc me? - Only mortals may reinc other mortals. Can I become a wizard/immortal? - help immorting What is rebirth? - help rebirth As you can see many of the things you ask questions about have very similiar help pages. You can try to guess what a help topic is on anything you may have a question about. If that fails type 'help topics' and you will be given a complete list of topics to answer your questions. If you still haven't found what you are looking for ask on one of the channels.

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