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Help: Feelings

The "soul" on BatMUD allows you to use several hundred predefined feeling commands to depict the emotions and actions of your character. For a list of the commands, simply type 'feelings', and for a list of adverbs that can be used in conjunction with these, 'adverbs'. The basic form of feeling commands goes as follows: > smile You smile happily. This can be extended with a target: > smile foo You smile at Foo. The target can also be an item carried: > worship foo's sword You worship Foo's steel sword. ...with an adverb: > smile irr You smile irresistably. ...a physical location for physical verbs: > kiss foo cheek You kiss Foo's cheek. ...or even all of the above together: > tickle foo neck play You tickle Foo's neck playfully. All adverbs are parsed so that you need to type in only enough to make it unambigious (= different enough to be recognized), and most bodily locations are supported, within good taste, and should you have any additions feel free to give a mail or a tell on the mud, they can be added instantaneously. You can use '@RND@' as adverb for a random adverb to be picked for you: > pok @RND@ You pok cluelessly. You can add '!', '?' or '.' characters at the end of any feeling, such as: > kick durand!!!!! You kick Durand hard in the knee!!!!! You may capitalize the verb, such as: > SLAP durand You SLAP Durand on the cheek. > grin B-R-O-A-D-L-Y You grin B-R-O-A-D-L-Y. You may use special characters (requires 'smooth pimp appearance' ability): > 1N$AN3 You are going 1N$AN3 in the brain. > bou/\/ce You bou/\/ce around. And that's about it. Be creative, not offensive, and above all have a good time. :) SEE ALSO efind, emote

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