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Help: Folklorists

The School of Folklorists ------------------------- About the guild: ---------------- This guild is one of the few caster type options within the civilized background. The guild is specialized in studying mythical creatures and folklore. The school teaches both offensive and defensive techniques, but the focus is on the defense and information collection. It offers a very good support to other civilized guilds, both fighter and caster types - let alone an interesting career studying and exploring the game. Easy access to world of civilized magic users, accompanied with complex range of herbs, monsters and folklore to become acquainted with. Folklorists are not religious to mention with, they offer a scientific approach to world of magic and manifestations of the realm. Where to find it: ----------------- The School of Folklorists is located in Arelium, the starting city and capital of the continent of Laenor. Take a stroll east from church, head north and turn northwest when you soon reach the huge round building of brotherhood of the magical 'real' wizardry. The school opens to west in Arelium academy district. The school welcomes all and questions are answered, talking to guild personnel is encouraged.

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