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Help: Guild

Guilds ---------------- Use 'help ' for information about a particular guild. Below is the list of open guilds along with their maximum levels, background requirement and the wizards who maintain them. Watch the inform news group for information on future guild openings and watch the updates or guild news groups for information on changes within the guilds. If you think something is broken or just have some ideas for any of these guilds, please contact one of the maintainers listed for the guild. If there is more than one maintainer, you should start with the first name on the list as that person is usually the 'lead' maintainer. Guild: #Lvls: Background(s): Maintainer(s): ============================================================================== Alchemists 30 Civilized Shinarae Animists 20 Good Religious Heidel Archers 30 Nomad Shinarae & Grizzt Barbarians 35 Nomad Ulath, Runeaxe, & Tarken Bards 30 Civilized Amarth & Shardik & Malar Beastmasters 15 Nomad Shinarae Cavaliers 15 Nomad, Civilized Shinarae Channellers 30 Magical Shinarae Civilized_fighters 25 Civilized Any wizard Civmages 25 Civilized Any wizard Crimson 35 Nomad Era & Ulath Druids 30 Good Religious Shinarae Evil Priests 35 Evil Religious Darol Explorers 5 --- Ulath Folklorists 25 Civilized Heidel Knights 15 Civilized Shinarae Liberators 30 Good Religious Heidel Lords of Chaos -- Evil Religious (Applies to all LoC guilds) Disciple 10 Nomad, Civilized Ulath & Darol Tzarakk 20 Ulath, Darol & Blasterr Aelena- 20 Civilized Hackop, Tyril Kharim 20 Nomad Darol Nergal 20 Evil Religious Merc Mages 10* Magical Lampsa & Juggelo & Mandrake Merchants 25 Civilized Tarken & Shinarae Monks 30 Good Religious Noctur Navigators 5 --- Noctur & Machaon Nuns 35 Good Religious Zin & Brock Psionicists 35 Magical Lampsa & Juggelo & Grimsh Rangers 35 Nomad Ulath Reavers 30 Evil Religious Shinarae Riftwalkers 15 Magical Moss Runemages 30 Civilized Shardik Sabres 30 Civilized Shardik Sailors 0 --- Tarken Spiders- 30 Evil Religious Era & Shinarae Squires 15 Nomad, Civilized Shinarae Tarmalen 30 Good Religious Dralith & Shinarae Templars 30 Good Religious Dralith, Gurth & Grimsh Tigers- 30 Evil Religious Dralith, Juggelo[missions] & Shinarae * The mage guild has eight sub-guilds with ten levels each. One sub-guild for each of the seven damage types plus one mastery sub-guild. - These guilds currently lack helpfiles.

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