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Help: Healing

How to get healed faster =================================== Your character will heal with time when not in combat. There are several ways to make this process quicker, however. The most common forms of healing are probably the healing spells, available to good and evil religious backgrounds, especially the Followers of Tarmalen excel at healing. You can ask for another player to heal you if you do not possess these spells yourself. The non-spellcasting guilds can use skills to regain their health. Camping is the most common, and available to several guilds, but cannot be used all the time (after all, if you just took a nap, you aren't tired anymore). If you don't have the camping skill, you can use 'sleep' command instead. In the meantime, you (or someone else) can build a fire with the fire building skill. In the absence of suitable skills/spells one can always visit a nearby player city. Most player cities have at least a healing crystal (which work quite a bit like campfires do), and some have a sauna too. Being in a sauna helps you recover faster from the effects of poison too, but reduces your endurance points a little. Remember to look at the thermometer to make sure it isn't too hot for you. There are also items available that speed up your regeneration rate. The fastest way to get healed is all of these things combined together. Sitting at a healing crystal with a campfire blazing next to it, having a tarma heal you while camping won't take too long. SEE ALSO help sleep

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