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Help: History

HISTORY OF BATMUD The world of BatMUD was created on April 14'th, 1990 by Jaf "the Seeker of Sunshine". The first mortal to attain wizardhood was called Enrico. He was followed by Goon, Barsh, Mapmaker, Arakorni and others, and the world began to grow slowly in size. Arakorni is currently the oldest active wizard and one of the oldest - if not the oldest - active players. Approximately after one Bat-year the first three guilds were created by Jaf, Mjoelner and Goon, these were: the EVIL cult, the Druids guild and the Paladins guild. With the creation of the guilds and the continuous arrival of new Wizards, Jaf could no longer maintain direct supervision of everything, thus the three first ArchWizards were elected by a vote among the Wizards of BatMUD. The elected were: Mjoelner, Mapmaker and Rincewind. The ranks of the ArchWizards were later changed as Rincewind's natural ability with creation and formation paved his ascendance to Godhood, the Wizards chosen to fill the ranks of the ArchWizards were Legolas and Alacrity (since then, the ranks of ArchWizards have changed too many times for accurate recording). On approximately the year 8.5 of BatMUD, an EVIL cultist, who would later prove his abilities in leadership, control and creation and attain a far higher rank, attained his Wizardhood, he was called Zonni. Approximately 3.5 Bat-years later, batmud experienced several changes as Anipa became the supreme creator of BatMUD, as well as its third God. These changes included the creation of the Fighters guild by Franco, the modification of the old Paladins guild, as well as the improvement of the legendary monster known as Tiamat by Zonni and the creation of a new City by Alacrity and Legolas. At this point BatMUD started a steady stage of growth, as new mortals began to arrive by the masses, as well as new Wizards and thus more areas were added to the world, until the forming of the current BatMUD was begun approximately one Bat-year later, also after the acceptance of Extechop among the ranks of the Gods, making him the fourth and so far last God of BatMUD. The old EVIL cult was disbanded, as several new guilds were created, and mortals were defined by various races, with several different abilities. The current BatMUD was marked by the creation of new and modification of the old guilds and races, as well as the demolishment of the City and the creation of the new City, on about year 39 Since the Creation of BatMUD, about year 31 Since the Arrival of Zonni, or year 27 Since the New Order - (the coming of Anipa.) Chronicled by Questor, On the 13th day of the 2nd month (Teliminus) Year 47, Since the Creation. Year 39, Since the Arrival of Zonni. Year 36, Since the New Order. (Please note that, the years are not exact but approximations.)

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