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Help: Hit messages

Hit messages for various weapons and attack styles. NAME Hit messages - hit messages for different weapons and attack styles DESCRIPTION Different weapons, limbs and attacks have different kind of attack messages. The form and verbosity of those attacks depend both on the attack, and your battle listen settings, with higher settings you see either just the damage delt (battle listen 2) or both the damage delt and relative harm to the target (listen 3). These helps show the first person view on of the damage part of the attack. EXAMPLE For example You pat monster causing small scratches. The 'pat' is the damage part, and 'small scratches' is how much the target was affected relative to their current hit points. MESSAGES bash - the hit messages of bludgeons pierce - piercing attacks, many polearms and short blades slash - cutting attacks, most bladed weapons shield - hitting with shield unarmed - unskilled unarmed attacks martial arts - trained unarmed attacks SEE ALSO wield, kill, combat, battle hit messages bash hit messages pierce hit messages slash hit messages shield hit messages whip hit messages unarmed hit messages martial arts tiger hit messages martial arts monk hit messages bite hit messages claw hit messages breath

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