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Help: How to ask questions

This tutorial is based on frustrations accumulated by many coders working on this game. 1) The MOST important thing to remember: When you want to ask a question, ASK THE QUESTION! Being polite is quite acceptable. Eg. -Excuse me, can I bother you? I have this issue with my doodad that is flabbering around foobarily instead of fluffily. Notice: THE QUESTION IS THERE ALREADY. 2) HOW NOT TO ASK QUESTIONS: -Sorry, can I bother you? That's just wasting everybody's time, and we often idle as we have dayjobs, families to attend to, pets to walk, food to eat and sleep to sleep, so we might not be able to answer your question directly and also not later as the questioner didn't bother to ask. Of course this kind of questions often are followed by: -Are you sure? -I don't want to bother you. -Are you sure I'm not bothering you? -Ok, so I'm bothering you now, but can I still ask the question? -Are you sure? ARGAGSHAKSDF ++ Collegium of coders PS: Yes, if you ask a question, we most likely will answer. Maybe not right away, but eventually. That is... IF there is a question to answer.

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