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Help: Kharim

Legions of the Blood God ------------------------ About the guild: ---------------- While Kharim is a demanding god, there are those who adore his ways. Bloodfilled battlefields and the feeling of superiority over the weak is one of the reasons why there are so many followers of Kharim. These followers are self-assured brutes whose customs may seem barbaric, cruel and chaotic at best. Nonetheless, there is a surprisingly high number of devotees who live to be weighed worthy before the eyes of Kharim. They train hard to be masters of combat, always adapting to different situations. While these warfaring legionaries act mercilessly, their combat strategy is strict and sophisticated, although spurred by elements of foul play and chaos. These are the traits that are respected by Kharim. Victories in combat require physical fitness and skill, both of which, can be gained through hard work. Kharim detests the use of combat magic and does not perform direct interventions to choose sides in combat. True heroes must survive by themselves, but these famed individuals are valued greatly by Kharim and ascend in ranks. Weaker ones find themselves neglected by Kharim as he does not wish to be associated with such frail ones. Where to find it: ----------------- Kharim refuses to consider anyone worthy who hasn't yet completed the most basic training of the Disciples of Chaos. That being said, the secret to joining the legions is hidden in the same place as the 'disciples'. Seek that guild first and the Legions of the Blood God are not far away.

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