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Help: Knights

The Legion of Knights --------------------- About the guild: ---------------- Only those of a Civilized Background and who have proven themselves by mastering the Squire's Guild may join the ranks of Knighthood. The Knights are fearsome warriors, trained to use a variety of weapons and armours. Fighting equally well on horseback or on foot, Knights often have a special bond with their mount. They are also known for their leadership abilities, and their skill at defending party members. And Knights alone have the unique ability to parry even magical attacks. However, the life of a Knight is a difficult road for many. Though Knights may be good or evil, the strict Code requires the adherent to defend the citizens of the realm and to always uphold the tenets of the Code. Following the four paths of Education, Conduct, Valor and Skill, the Knights devote themselves to developing the combat skills necessary to serve as a paragon of chivalry and protector of the innocent. Where to find it: ----------------- Following the road southeast from Arelium, you'll eventually come to a crossing where the road turns sharply to the east over two bridges, near the Shrine of the Human Race. At this crossing lies a great castle with four tall towers. This elaborate fortress is home to the Legion of Knights, a guild of warriors known for the Code of Honour they follow.

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