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Help: Known bugs

List of known bugs: --------------------------------------- - Yes, your inventory's weight can bug. This is due to the way the weight of small coins (such as mowgles) are rounded. Also, some wizards may be inappropriately destruct-ing objects rather than using self_destruct. Try dropping your inventory and picking it back up to clear this. - File length check might bug sometimes. This causes several commands/options not to work. For example, commands that try to check if a player exists: finger, bank transfer, friends -a , mail . Those commands try to find a player file and do it by checking its file length. If the length is seen as 0, commands think that player does not exist and will report that player as missing. - For old castles in the player valley: Altering castle rooms will make you lose items unless you open and close the chests before next reboot. You should move your castle into one of the new player cities. - Chests in old castles and in player cities seem to empty sometimes without no reason. Gront is tracking chests in player cities. - A player's commands are sometimes removed. Ask a wizard to set_this_player and add_standard_commands. - The outerworld's light was fixed by Gore. You should once again be able to see during the day time. (help time)

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