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Help: Levels

Level system on BatMUD: ======================= To gain a level you need a certain amount of experience. To view this amount, you may type 'advance cost' in almost any location. If you have enough experience for the next level you may type 'advance level'. Once you reach level 11, you automatically join your race guild. Until you have completed your race guild, you may use the race shrine portals in Arelium's Adventurer's Guild, in Dortlewall or within Pleasantville, west of the Starting room. You must complete your race guild before you can join any further guilds. Upon reaching level 16 you may join other guilds and societies. With each level from then on you can advance in guild levels. Through guild levels you get to train more abilities. Each guildlevel costs a certain amount of gold coins which may be carried or in the bank. You can join an unlimited amount of guilds and an unlimited amount of societies. The guilds you can join are determined through your background which you selected in character creation. Societies are guilds which mortals can establish and configure to suit their needs. When advancing beyond level 30, you will receive training points, which may be spent to increase your stats at any Adventurer's guild via the 'train' command. You get points from levels, area quests and level quests completed. Training points from area quests are awarded right away at 31 or upon completion, but points from level quests only come when you advance to the quest's level. SEE ALSO free levels, open guilds, racial guilds, quests, training points

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