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Help: Liberators

The Order of Ghost Liberator Paladins ------------------------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The order of ghost liberator paladins is an organization formed to liberate ghosts from all kinds of evil hands, claws and tentacles. The guild offers lots of offensive power, but lacks a bit on the defensive side. The weapon of choice for a ghost liberator is a long blade, usually as big as one can handle with ease. Liberators try to bring light into even the darkest places. Where to find it: ----------------- The headquarters of the order are located in a haunted mansion in northern Desolathya. You should start your journey from Calythien and travel south to the crossing. Continue travelling southwest, until you come to next crossing. Pick the northwest road, and follow it until you reach the guild. The guild is a bit off the road, on the southeast side of the road, in the deep forest. The road is long, but it should be safe. When in the guild mansion, it is highly advisable to visit the library for joining instructions.

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