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Help: Lords of chaos

Lords of Chaos -------------- About the guild: ---------------- Long before the emergence of the modern chaotics of Azzarakk and his immediates, the ancients prayed to evil through the guidance of mighty Grimoor, a man whom many claim to have obtained the power of the gods. He gave his followers the power to take souls from the slain, and enslave their powers in a chaotic blade belonging to only the blade summoner. They were called the Lords of Chaos, and they specialized in blade prowess, chaotic strength, and the ever-strengthening chaotic blade. Through the ages, new Lords of Chaos discovered more abilities to master chaotic might, such as the aura of chaos, but much remains the same - their desire for power, and their allegiance to chaos. Where to find it: ----------------- The Lords of Chaos have many trainers in the realm, but to join, you must search for Grimoor. Grimoor can be found amidst the volcanic mountain ranges just south of Rilynt'tar. Take the ferry to the continent of Furnachia, and you will not have to travel far before Rilynt'tar is in sight. This guild is not joinable.

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