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Help: Mage

About the guild: ---------------- While members of the brotherhood are near helpless in a physical showdown on their own, they are in their own element when they can manipulate the wave of magic behind a wide warrior. Becoming a mage is quite easy, but becoming an archmage is a long and hard road. No other training is nearly as long and needs as much studying as the way of a mage and no one can master all of the things in one life that the guild could teach you. As there is so much to learn, each elemental type has its own sub-guild and teachers that are specialized for that type. There they are taught both offensive and defensive ways to handle the elemental powers. This way a mage can call huge elemental phenomena that are unmatched in power, yet they can protect their fellow adventurers from the same elements. When a mage has mastered his first elemental type he is considered to have enough knowledge to handle more complex powers and is granted access to the inner circle. In the inner circle mages are taught about the very essence of wave of the magic and that way gain the knowledge how to conjure any elemental protection although with more effort than a master of that element. After mastering the inner circle a mage has concluded the hearth of the mages studies. There is nothing more the guild can teach on how to manipulate the wave save the advanced special studies for each elemental type. Among adventurers, only masters of the inner circle are considered to be really a mage. Although you can recognize a mage from his voluminous robe, there are also two other distinguishable traits. The first one is that he has a staff. Mage staff, also known as Staff of Wizardry, is the best indicator of the power level of the mage you are looking upon. It helps the mage in his castings and sometimes even cast small spells by itself, but mages themselves use the staff to produce a prismatic burst of elemental powers. It is a powerful offensive spell that grows in power according to the number of elemental types the mage controls, so powerful that it can be used only once per opponent. The more grand the staff is, the more powerful it is and if the staff has its own name you know the mage has past the rank of novice long ago. The second distinguishable trait is that mage uses small trinkets called reagents when unleashing his most powerful spells. Ironically, a mage that is missing his staff is not a cripple without his crutch but a mage missing his reagents is unable to summon the most powerful elemental forces. Fortunately reagents are quite cheap, tiny and easy to come by. The weakest reagents can be found for a nominal fee from reagent shops, but they also make casting the spell more taxing. Standard ones can be found for a couple gold coins while power reagents cost around a batium or two but they also ease the effort of cast the spell. Where to join: ----------------- The guild complex is located in northwest quarter of Laenor's capital, Arelium. From Laenor's ferry dock travel the road to south until you hit a y-crossing that has cobblestone roads leading to north (the way you came), west and southeast. Arelium is to east. Travel the road to southeast until you come to a another y-cobblestone crossing that has cobblestone roads leading northeast, southeast and west (the way you came). The guild sailors and harbor is bit to northeast. Like the road sign is pointing out, travel along the road leading to southeast to get closer to Arelium. When you come to a crossing that is leading to east, southwest and west (the way you came) you are really close. Continue to east until you come to a t-cobblestone crossing that has stone roads leading north, east and west (the way you came). Take the last steps to north to enter the city and talk to guard for directions to brotherhood of wizardry. Or simply head to northwest corner of the city looking for a big round building with iron gates. Enter inside the complex through the gates. Head up and north searching for a library where your membership can be registered upon joining.

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