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Help: Merchants

The Master Merchants -------------------- About the guild: ---------------- Merchants are a very special guild. They are bad at melee, and cannot cast powerful offensive spells. But their strength isn't in the experience others make, its in the money they make. Merchants can make almost anything a player might need. They can craft weapons and armour, protect them from damage, build chests, ships and city rooms, perform plastic surgery, featherweight items, mint coins... In addition to these, they can also produce the raw materials needed for their products themselves, by chopping trees, mining ore deposits or skinning dead creatures. Merchants also have access to the very special piece of equipment - the fabulous Toolbelt. Once the belt is made, the merchant will have to complete a series of quests to earn the tools necessary for the great industrial career he/she is about to have. After the tools are earned, the merchant will have no trouble with lacking the right tools ever again. Merchants also have the option to set up their own store (you have probably seen those carts). While expensive, this is an easy way to sell their products. The merchant is allowed to keep his/her merchandise in the cart over reboot, BUT storing items not meant to be sold is considered cheating by many. Merchants are an extremely harsh guild for a beginner. Since they lack all combat ability, they'll have to earn all their experience by partying or casting the spell, Money is Power, which converts their money to experience (the rate isn't very good until the spell is trained a lot). How to get there: ----------------- To join merchants, you'll have to be Civilized. The joining happens at the Arelium Bazaar. Find the salesman inside the Bazaar building. The actual guild is split into many locations each has its own skills and spells (for example you can train plastic surgery at the hospital, but not smithing). Before joining, make sure you are ready for it merchants are extremely hard for a beginner. Should you still wish to make a go for it, try to make a lot of friends - they are the best way to make experience for those skills and spells!

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